Friday, 17 October 2008

My Dream About Energy Efficiency

On my long painful lonely journey back frm Dalston last night on a quiet double decker bus at 3:30am, I began to fall asleep...

I dreamt of light and energy - maybe a combination of the passing hazy road side lamps as well as the glint of the buses own internal lights in my retinas - and my dreams woke me.

My head leaning on the window, my eyes slowly opening, and I noticed the endless light pouring from the side streets, high streets and alleyways. It was 3:30am - so why on earth were all the lights on in EVERY SINGLE SHOP?? Starbucks, Pret, Argos, Cafe's. Each and every shop - with full use of their electricity, as if in use during the day.

We are living in a world where consumption of energy needs to be reconsidered to save our planet, and companies are forever advertising that they are 'greener' in a bid to keep existing customers entangled in their web, and also snare new green consumers.


Its so hypocritical that there are televised ads telling us at home to 'do our bit' by switching off our lights when not in use. Why has'nt anybody approached big companies like this to do the same?

Maybe somebody of importance will read this...



Steph said...

I'm not one of the important people, but good observation. I agree.

goregoregirl said...

you'd think that even from a money making business persepctive then it doesn't make sense to waste so much energy because you'll get higher bills to pay. i know here they spend £120k a year on electricity and we don't leave our lights on!

Paul St George said...

In Paris there is a grassroots movement to turn off the lights you refer to.

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