Friday, 29 May 2009


May I start by saying this is the best club I have EVER been to - Fetish or otherwise.

I entered feeling like a Princess, and left feeling like a Goddess.

For someone who identifies mainly as a submissive, this was quite an achievement.

Upon walking into the main bar area, I was greeted with a Rose, from a House Slave who knelt before me, addressing me as 'Mistress.' I smiled gratefully, and then got changed into my UnderBust Satin Stilett Corset, Leather Pencil Skirt, PVC High Heels, Fascinator Top Hat with Lace, Lace Fingerless Gloves, and Lace Halterneck Top.

Myself, and my 3 female friends, all sat by the beautiful view of the Thames nearby, perfectly illuminated in the night with twinkling London lights, while a male submissive with a Gimp Mask offered to be our 'foot stall.' We all laughed and admired our pretty high heels shoes and thigh high industrial boots on his back as he lay flat on the ground with his face in the floor.

Then, after gathering my nerves and having my first drink, we ventured into the main room. So much equipment to behold! Horses, Grope Boxes (which looked like small aquariums for human slaves), a Trampling Cage with submissives lining it's floor, and many other contraptions to delight the female Dominas.

Then there was the Goddess Room - which bore a sign stating 'No men may speak until spoken to in this room.' This amazed me! I walked in to find gorgeous red velvet chairs in all corners of the room, 'stages' where men were only permitted to kneel, and different degrees of flagellation with varying cries from tormented men coming from all sides. There I had a tantric massage from a lovely guy in a Loin Cloth called 'Steve' (which instantly made me laugh- an inside joke for those of you who watch Flight of the Conchords). He spoke of Web Design and common computer based interests with me (seeing as he was paid to be there, and not a common submissive), while he gave me an incredible massage, and cracked bones I didnt know I had into place in my shoulders and back. I felt so amazing afterwards! My female friends had a spiritual massage, with feathers and roses and oils.

Then, after my relaxing session, I sat at one of the red velvet chairs and a slave came to my side within 5 minutes. He offered his services to relieve me of my shoes and my tired feet. I happily accepted. He removed my shoes for me, stroked my feet, then massaged them- and then I gave him permission to kiss and suck. When he was done, I asked him to be my foot stall, and then watched Ms Furian whip a sub in a gimp mask by the end of my feet, which was a joy to watch.

We walked around the club some more, and came across a wonderfully playful scene. Two Jamaican Curvacious Dominas were whipping a white submissive on a horse, in the main dance room, dancing to a Justin Timberlake remix and having a great time, occassionaly grabbing his head and commanding him to 'stay down.' I turned to Ms Furian and said 'My my! Were here for all the wrong reasons! We could happily stand here and watch beautiful women dominate men all day.' She chuckled and agreed, and kissed me.

Red Collared Male submissives walked around with free Canopes on silver platters, offering them to the Female Dominas only, and Malboro Cigarettes served to women who were smoking outside. Was there nothing these guys hadnt thought of?!

The rest of the evening consisted of me walking around the club, watching and learning, having men kneel before me kissing my feet, hands, legs, and complimenting me, and not being able to sit down for a submissive coming to me on his knees to relieve my tired feet of my heels and rub the soreness away. I have never managed to wear heels for such periods of time - to have my feet repaired so quickly and then walk around again pain free. It was an experience I will never forget. I even had a chance to use the Trampling Cage, with Miss Suzanne, and we swang around on the hanging ropes together, treading on mens faces, chests, stomachs and groins - with the subs revelling in every minute of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and certain visions will stay with me forever (such as the Human Pony wandering through corridors with women mounted on his back, and the Transvestite in the Groping Box with his hard-on sticking out of his lace panties for all the women to see), and I have never left anywhere in my entire life feeling so elated, libterated or as confident as I did when I left Pedestal. I found the clear cut dynamics very interesting, and felt comfortable enough to explore my Top side in an atmosphere where you could reject a man if you wished and not feel any pressure to bow to anyones commands. I felt adored, worshipped, beautiful, feminine, elegant and in tune with my assertiveness. I would throughly recommend going there to network, be adored, and feel like a Queen - even if you didnt even have to raise a Flogger to anyone. Like me.

Miss Trix.

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