Thursday, 8 October 2009

Professional Domination

So, after years of being a 'natural submissive', and also parting from 2 different partners in the past 10 years who were very rigid in their topping of me, I have finally freed my wings to experiment with domination.

It first came to me when I started dating my current Bio-BF - a new and exciting prospect for me, as this is something I have never done before, considering my Golden Dyke status was untarnished before. But this Bio-BF is ALSO submissive, which is a complete role reversal for me. Its interesting what life throws at you sometimes - to say ive been thrown in the deep end is an understatement. My bf is a newbie to the SM Fetish world too, so I have been guiding his hand slowly through this tangled dirty world. Surfice to say, there are some things he doesnt like, and hes NOWHERE near as kinky as me. He was Vanilla before I twisted his pretty little mind. But, he is very liberal and open minded, and this pleases me.

Anyways, back to the Headed Point...

I have been offered up an idea by a good close queer femme friend of mine, to enter into the world of professional domination - ie put up an advert on a website and see what wealthy businessmen seek our services to beat, whip, restrain and humiliate them - without the droll of sexual intercourse, which I am NOT interested in performing, ie sexworking. This is a different idea entirely.

So, I must say I am extremely excited and nervous simultaneously.

Firstly, I am a novice at Domination, but have always wanted to see that side of me creep out and have never had partners who have made me feel like I have the confidence to carry out, as well as the fact I have had too many feelings under my skin for them and in doing so felt I didnt want to hurt them emotionally so didnt hurt them physically - im sure some people can relate to me on that one out there.

I have been to Pedestal and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and could feel my confidence brimming, and my persona entering another realm. I am sexually excited also by this prospect as it means I can let go of some of the BDSM tendencies that I wish to have with my BF which he doesnt like, and take it out on complete strangers instead, and this will do very nicely.

Getting paid to beat up rich businessmen? Why ever not...