Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My New Dirty Life

Well... I am having an excellent time living as myself right now...

Wandering through scenes that might have only been in my fantasies this time three years ago...
Walking through bedrooms in other's houses watching a mess of bodies fluidly embrace each other...
Wading through my lists of costumes I have to construct/purchase every month...

It's an utter delight.

I am especially proud to be part of the Crew that supports the upkeep of After Pandora and Kinky Salon respectively.

Never have I met such Wonderful Queer OpenMinded People - people who want to make a different space to the ones offered in the mainstream Kink World, to have a space where people can express themselves liberally and positively. It fills me with joy and pride every time I attend one of these events. It also fills me with beautiful memories the next morning when I wake with my boyfriend in my arms... with the smell of bodies lingering on my skin, and the warmth of my new friendships somehow making my love for this world and my boyfriend's stronger than ever.

Recently, I played with a close friend. I was amazed by how submissive I was with him. Initially, I felt a little worried when we had arranged it, as even though I trust him, I did not really know of his strengths and weaknesses in this area.
But it blew me away - having the Breast Bondage done and being blindfolded and lead around the room by ropes from my chest by him was possibly one of the kinkiest and subby-est moment of my life to date. I felt so vulnerable in my pvc heels, teetering around the room, stumbling and being caught as I drifted across floorboards under his command. I was left in a dreamlike state for hours afterwards in his living room, with cuts and bruises on my back from my beatings - and a grin from ear to ear.

I have also found out that my boyfriend is flourishing in these environments. Its beautiful to see him blossom and our trust for each other grow into something exquisite. One evening recently, at a Japanese Themed event at AP, he literally went up to a beautifully curvy and sexy lady, and told her that I was 'too shy' to ask her to play with me... OMG! That moment alone, those words from his mouth meant more to me than he will ever fully understand. And the play... well, that was unforgettable too.

So, heres to looking forward to the next Kinky Salon London, the next party in line.

My costume is ready and waiting, and I know this one is going to be mega special to see out the year 2010.

xxx Miss Matrix. xxx