Friday, 25 June 2010

Girls... girls... girls...?

Ok, so recently I got to thinking about why I had been with women exclusively for ten years, and why this is now my first boyfriend.

This thought was born out of a conversation between my partner and I, after we'd established my last two relationships were communication car-crashes.

I explained to him that since I was a young girl, i'd observed that other girls seemed to have all the qualities I longed for in a partner - affectionate, sensitive, laidback, creative, expressing their personalities openly etc. That, and they had killer bodies.

I said as I grew up, I thought all men were (generally speaking) the same. (NB, this was a teenage thought, roughly 15 years old.). I'd seen men being macho, intimidating, insensitive, demanding, opressing, sometimes aggressive, and this all scared me. Frankly - penis's did too.

So I had started on a journey looking for these qualities that I thought I would only find in women, but actually ended up being with two women who were very masculine... and although I found them extremely attractive, didn't like the mannerisms of men that they tried to emulate (and often overcompensate for).

Respectively, it took for me to be with women for ten years to find out that all men aren't as bad as I had initially thought. My boyfriend holds all the listed qualities of the above perfect women for me, and he's not gay.

Fuck stereotypes.

(But i'm still 80% into women... come on men, i'd be mad not to hey!!!)

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