Friday, 2 July 2010

Performance Art

I have been an animator/film maker/editor my whole life - and never really felt that I could take being infront of the camera.

But, recently, I've had a few comments from performance artists and friends who don't neccessarily agree with my ethos.

Firstly, I created a video where I had acted out a song with two versions of myself - man and woman - interacting with each other about 3 weeks ago, and then putting both shots on the screen simultaneously to give the illusion 'we' were 'both' there at the same time. I had to act to a degree within this video, and have had lots of positive feedback. Also, I make a series of sketches with some likeminded funny friends, and never act infront of the camera, but decided this time that I would try and not laugh while delivering an idea I had for a sketch. It worked rather well - and again, lots of positive compliments.

Then, I made the below video, and I would say this is my first stab at performance art, which I am rather proud of.

This got me thinking... perhaps I need to venture out into performance, as well as being behind the scenes? As a child, I'd always been angry with the decision of my teachers not to allow me to do both Art AND Drama as options as secondary school, as they were both 'art' subjects (arseholes), so I never got to fully spread my wings with acting/dance, and instead concentrated on my artwork all the way to University.

I would like to do the following things, and really put my heart into them, so if anyone has any ventures involving Burlesque, Performance Art or some degree of DIY Acting or Queer Porn, please get in contact with me.

In the mean time, i'll be trying to deduce my own ideas to play with, and carry on filming myself...


lipsticklori said...

I think we need to get together for a crash course in burlesque and a brainstorming session :-)

One Queer Femme Anatomy said...

yaaaay! Awesome. I'd really love that. :) xxx