Monday, 4 August 2008

Kylie Minogue - My Idol. (even though i'm a goth)

I am amazed with Kylie Minogue.

For years I've applauded her existance, appreciated her music videos and the directors she's chosen to work with, and absorbed every style she created to make herself the visual chameleon she has become. It took me some years, however, to fully come to terms with the fact that even though I am goth/punk/alternative/whatever, the truth remains - I am a fan of Kylie.

My eyes were opened wide when I found out she had breast cancer. I realised that I loved her more than I'd admitted to myself - I think I cried looking back. Such a pretty face, such a charming artist, such a good actor with so much more to come in her career - somebody who had done no wrong in the media nor offended anybody - it seemed like a cruel trick to play on the world.

Her show stopped, her hair fell out, she was unrecognisable... It was horrific. She hid from the cameras, got herself treated, and voila, she was back on her feet before we all knew it. Pictures of her with a head scarf, then short hair trying to grow it back after the Chemo made me so upset - I was glued to the papers, watching every headline as she seemed to emerge back on the scene step by step.

Since then, I have been watching her blossom and bloom into an ever more graceful and grateful artist, becoming more passionate and powerful - having survived and realising how lucky she is to be alive. Getting her Showgirls tour back on track, and making some more pretty amazing music video (2 Hearts and In My Arms are incredible), and also releasing the only documentary/close look of Kylie I have ever seen - White Diamond. It's intensley emotional and deep - if you havent seen it, go watch it.

What I'm trying to say is... she's such a successful artist - the Queen of Reinvention - that i'd like to pay homage to her in this blog, even though it is such a small contribution from one of her trillions of fans.

She's SO successful - that she's even got a goth's undivided attention.

Long Live Kylie. xxx

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