Thursday, 24 July 2008

Furry Fun

You scored 64 furriness, 81 pounciness and 66 sexiness!

You are wise in the ways of the fur, you could be more cuddly but more likely are of a slightly predatory nature and very very sexy of course. We less knowledgable furs will gather around your feet and imbibe your wisdom...and you never know we might be up for some sex later!

Ok, so after that nice little diversion, I want to OUT myself as a furry. A mental, hyperactive, tail wiggling, mask wearing, pussy cat ear displaying, horny bugger of a furry.

Dont know what yall think, dont care.

All I know is for some unexplained reason, I cant stop thinking about fucking somebody with the head of a wolf. And thats been stuck in my forethought for over 6 secretive years. A half man half animal hybrid, the animal instinct within them dissolving all human responsibilities and logic, raw passion and lust, and claw marks dragged down across my tits. Its been something ive ignored for a fair few years, thinking maybe it was something I just fantasised about, but more and more its been crossing over into my sex life (and getting my partner a little anxious!)

We had amazing sex in Italy, in a hotel room, and he tied my wrists together behind my back, lent me over the bed with my knees on the floor, and then thwacked down rains of hard spanks for nearly an hour. This was great in itself, as I was getting quite hard, but then he told me he wouldnt fuck me unless I meowed. Oh my god, I thought to myself, I have never done that for anybody before! The thought totally excited me, and before I knew it, I was being fucked doggy style with gutteral pussy meows crooning ever louder, and the noises grew so intense I didnt know how to stop them. This had been the hottest sex I have ever had, and even though I did not possess a furry outfit at the time (I am more privvy to just the ears and tail, or masked head, not the whole furry suit), I was in total character, and lost in my feline persona.

People have winced at this fetish, and said that perhaps i'm into beastiality somehow, but I strongly disagree. I do not want to have sex with animals, but rather people dressed up and behaving like animals.

It might have stemmed from me running around on all fours for years as a child, or even perhaps my obessesive behaviour observing animals, and wishing I could be just like them, or even the animal instincts I have on a daily basis, which feel like a far cry from being human. Every day, if I see a mouse scuttling across the railings below the platform on the tube, I crave to be her. If I see a happy bounding dog, I see my partner in him, all silly and full of fun and affection, and pleasing and being loyal to their owner. If I see a cat sauntering across the path, or stroke one on my lap, I look deep into their eyes to try and understand their knowing look, their knowledge and their complete sexiness, and wish I culd have a life like that. If I was an animal, I would certainly be a cat, or at times a fox. Infact, I love both animals for different reasons, so i'm sure depending on the situation I could indeed be both. A slender beautiful black velvety adored and spolit cat, or a fuzzy sneaky scavenging skinny cheeky fox, slipping through the shadows in the night, struggling to survive, and throughly nocturnal.

I have also been into the idea of 'Petification' for quite some time. Similar to the concept of being Furry, Petification relies on the subject being totally dimninshed of all human responsiblity, stripped, not allowed any vocal expression other than barking/meowing, and playing with toys and playing with their owner, in much the same way that a real pet would/could. This is more intense than being a furry, as the human subject has to give up all their dignity and human instinct, and be petted, loved and played with. The main idea seems to be along a playful theme - a head space where humans can forget their worries, get naked and be put on a lead- and ultimatley give pure unconditional control to their owner. I like the fact that somebody can get off on being in that frame of mind rather than actually just being fucked as an animal aswell, as I think the human mind is a powerful thing and sometimes actual sex doesnt need to be involved (although if it was, it would obviously be a cheeky bonus).

I am looking to join MUCK soon to get onto their message forums and see if anybody else is as perverted as me. I'm sure they are, it's just the idea of nasty straight 40 something men in a full blue mascot bunny suit kinda turns me off a bit too. lol.
Hopefully there will be some younger bundles of fur out there for me to perve over on the world wide web.

And furthermore, I hope my partner starts howling at the moon anytime soon... ;)

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