Monday, 21 July 2008

Will testosterone change my partner, beyond all recognition?

Being a Queer Femme, I quite like transguys.

I have developed a lusting for them, since my teeny bop fantasies as a closeted
man-hating confused lesbian who liked butch women. They're hot, horny, generally muscular (although not too much girth please), and have the emotional maturity and intelligence that most Bio Men do not- and have never- possessed. I find they know how to look after a woman, and treat them with respect (apart from the ones who believe that their new found masculinity is an excuse to become a bigoted womaniser), and have this understanding of what it was once like to be a woman - and in having that understanding and open mindedness towards all genders, approach life differently and more sensitively, knowing in their hearts what it is like to be ridiculed and taken the piss out of. They seem to have better karmas.

My problem is that my pre-op transguy bit of stuff let me administer his first shot of 'T' on Saturday morning. I was hesistant to inject it, as I am not a fan of needles. However, upon doing so, a few things entered into my mind...

'Will he be the same person, mentally, once the T has taken effect?'
'Will it make him more aggressive?'
'Will it change his personality?'
'Will he become more horny, and susceptable to straying away to be satisfied?'
'Will he become more agumentative?'

I am ready for his transition, and have been for quite some time, as it has been talked over for the past year or so, and has been something I have been looking forward to, as he physically blossoms into a gorgeous guy. But I am more than worried about the side effects of the T, and what it will do to our relationship.

My partner already has a short temper, is agitated easily and doesnt deal well with negativity. This is so much so that the first shot of T he had on Saturday we had an argument in the street in the early hours of the morning which was very volatile (which subsequentally led to him being arrested, and being released the next morning, as 7 pigs in a van saw all the kerfuffle), and I thought to myself 'did he fly off the handle more than usual because of the T?'

I really want him to start going to counselling and seek anger management courses, because ive got a feeling that if he doesnt, then things can only get worse. I am worried that he'll feel alienated and alone if he begins to become more angry due to the T, and also the detrimental effect it will have on our relationship. The last thing I would want is for us to break up because he is transitioning, as this has been something we have been building towards as a couple for a long time...

If anybody has any suggestions or groups in the City of London (UK) that we could look up, or indeed any advice from any other femmes who have dated/been with transguys who have faced a similar ordeal (even if not from the UK, as thats irrelevant), please get in contact with me. Even better, any femme who has been through this who wants to become friends, all the better. xxxx

Dark Trix

Still trying to mend the broken heart...

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JBird said...

well my little have listened to my tales of woe regarding Mr Jeckle, Mr Hyde and Mr T, i will never know if this was a direct result of T or a personality with all experiential / pleasurable activities - just stay safe, and listen to your own advice if the time comes. J Bird xx