Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I am a Queer Femme.

I have many interests, which you will learn, all in good time.

Heavily into creativity, fetishism, feathers, transguys, hot curvy femmes, people who do not relate to the norm, animation in all its glory, hairstyles, nail filing, and PVC heels that look prettier than their practicality. I wear black. I like eyeliner. I like attention, affection, stroking, relationships, openess, honesty, bravery and independence, and i'm not afraid to say it.
Getting tattoo's, poking other's tattoo's, getting pierced, poking other people's piercings.

Being admired, being adored, adoring others, and being sociable.

Being appreciated.
Being listened to, and having the ears for others stories.
Here's a few of mine.... xxx

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